FAQs for Continuing Education Providers

  • Do you have a media kit that explains what and how we can advertise with CEU R&R?
    Yes, click on the For CEU Providers on the home page and you’ll be taken to the sign-up page. Our standards and our Advertising Fee Table are available with one click.
  • How many subscribers will see my ads?
    Based on your listing of professionals who can take your course(s), all of the subscribers in those professions will see your ad. We are a nationwide company that serves licensed professionals who are required to complete continuing education requirements as a condition for re-licensure. We are dedicated to you having the greatest number and variety of professionals viewing your courses in just one site.
  • How do I contact you?
    There are three ways you can contact us.

    1. If you sign up as a provider, we will contact you within 24 hrs.
    2. You can also click on the Contact Us for the continuing education provider consultant who handles all requests for approval as a CEU R&R continuing education provider.
    3. You can call our toll free number 1-800-375-7403. The customer service representative will review your call and forward your information request to the most appropriate service, whether it’s marketing, sales, or technical service.
  • Are course providers required to offer discounts to the registered subscribers?
    No, but we hope you will!
  • Do you offer variable contract lengths for advertisers?
    Yes, the details are included in the Advertising Fee Table.
  • If we offer a course more than once a year, can we list all of the offering dates on your site?
    Yes, it is your responsibility to keep your ads current. When a course offering date passes, you will need to remove it from your ad or show it as completed. Likewise, as new courses or dates are created, you must update them.
  • Do you offer package pricing for various numbers of courses?
    Yes, our basic package is for 1-10 courses. There are a number of advantages for listing more than 10. Please refer to the Advertising Fee Table.
  • Can your subscribers register for our courses through your website?
    Yes, with one click the subscriber will be linked to your website for course registration.
  • Do you have varying lengths of contracts with continuing education providers?
    Yes, we have short term and long term contracts. For specific information please consult the Advertising Fee Table.
  • Do you want confirmation of a professional’s successful completion of an educational course?
    It is the responsibility of the licensed professional to provide us with evidence of their successful completion of a course. This can be a photo of a certificate or they can submit the confirmation at the end of a course via our mobile app. We will monitor and randomly select groups of licensees to confirm with the provider that the individual successfully completed the course. We ask that you provide a list of course registrants who successfully completed your courses advertised on our site on a quarterly basis, specifically: Mar 31, Jun 30, Sep 30, and Dec 31. This is a matter of integrity for our company, for you the provider, and for the licensed professional.
  • Why should I choose to partner with CEU R&R?
    1. We offer access to a large database of licensees from a variety of professions who are licensed in the United States, its territories, and the District of Columbia.
    2. We provide you with analytical data on the visits to your ads: what people looked at, what they didn’t, the courses for which they registered through our site, which ones they didn’t, and any additional feedback received from our subscribers on the quality and acceptance of your courses. Reports will be provided quarterly at no additional cost to you.