How It Works

We offer the licensed professional the most comprehensive continuing education services package available:

  • Up to date state and federal licensing requirements
  • Self managed records
  • Planning, status, and completion processes
  • Access to excellent continuing education providers
  • Notification system so you’re never late
  • Safe and secure storage of all records

As a licensed professional, when you subscribe to our service, you will select how many times a year you want us to remind you to check your file; and see just where you are in terms of the continuing education hours, units, and content areas required by your licensing board. You’ll have a structure that will allow you to track and store your CE records. You’ll be able to lay out a plan for securing the content you need and want. With our service you will be able to quickly choose high quality continuing education courses in your profession that will help you reach your goals ¬†with a lot less searching.

We are privileged to have exceptional continuing education providers partnering with us to offer you the very best in approved continuing education courses in your field.

CEU R&R maintains your records for as long as you want. Upon your request we will provide a transcript of your work to one or more licensing agencies, employers, or other organizations you specify.