About CEU R&R

We want you to practice your professions without having to worry about whether you’re meeting the CE requirements of your state.

Several years ago, five professionals, all subject to mandatory continuing education requirements for re-licensure, started a conversation about the issues involved in each state’s varying CE requirements.

Besides practicing one’s craft, these professionals had to spend time making sure they had the approved CEUs in the right format at the correct time with the documents to prove it. The stories flowed of colleague after colleague who had nearly lost their license to practice because they had barely completed their CE in time. The common threads were:

  • If I lost that piece of paper, I’d be out of luck.
  • First, I have to make sure what the licensing board is requiring. Then I have to search to find the right courses. Sometimes I feel like it takes on a life of its own.
  • I spend more and more time just trying to make sure I have all the CE courses, in the right format, to meet the requirements; and it takes away time I could better spend on doing my job.
  • I work in a large organization and we now have two full time employees who do nothing but ensure all of our employees have met the licensing board requirements.
  • I came within 24 hours of not completing my CE because I mis-placed the papers, got busy with my work, and forgot. When I realized what had happened, I had less than two weeks to find a course on the prescribed topic, complete the course, and turn in the certificate of successful completion.

So they decided to create a service that would allow the professionals and the continuing education providers to have access to each other. They designed a company that keeps clients informed of the requirements for their professions in their states, incorporated some great educational providers, kept track of all records, and handled audits.

We hope you will allow us to serve you and we wish you every success in your chosen profession. We are grateful for your consideration of CEU R&R as a resource in your professional life.